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1. Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Indonesia

Religion diversity-Indonesia

Religious Diversity in Indonesia (Source: Reddit User ‘reddripper’ / Badan Pusat Statistik)


Ethnic group diversity-Indonesia

Ethnic Diversity in Indonesia (Source: Gunawan Kartapranata / National Museum Of Indonesia)


2. Scenery of some places in Indonesia


Scenery of some places in Indonesia. (Source: unknown)

Scenery of some places in Indonesia. (Source: unknown)

3. Travel guides to Indonesia – Wikivoyage
Many information about travel guides to Indonesia.

Indonesia Region Maps (Source:

Indonesia Region Maps (Source:

3. The archipelago economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s potential

A report by McKinsey Global Institute, September 2013.

Most international businesses and investors know that modern Indonesia boasts a substantial population and a wealth of natural resources. But far fewer understand how rapidly the nation is growing. Home to the world’s 16th-largest economy, Indonesia is booming thanks largely to a combination of domestic consumption and productivity growth. By 2030, the country could have the world’s 7th-largest economy, overtaking Germany and the United Kingdom. Read More….





5. Land Area of Indonesia Compared to the World by Atdik London

Download (powerpoint file)

6. Insight indonesia by M. Faried Aguslemi

7. The Amazing Aerial View of Raja Ampat by Alain Issock 
Many have undoubtedly avowed that Raja Ampat is the world of its own, found nowhere else but in Indonesia.

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8.  The story of Borobudur
Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Many rate it as one of the most fascinating temples ever built.

9. Angklung Instrument
Song: Boneka, Recording by ArromeDJ


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