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10 Facts about The 1st Edition of ISJournal

Why Indonesian Scholars Journal Exists?

Indonesian Scholars Journal (ISJ) is a result of a collaborative effort among Indonesian students associations (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia – PPI) around the world. The idea was first coined in the Overseas Indonesian Students Association’s plenary meeting in Malaysia on February 2012. ISJ arises as a movement to strengthen Indonesian students’ field of education and research through an online publication of scientific journals. This journal is expected to comprehensively combine the knowledge of Indonesians into one scientific writing repository that can be easily accessed by anyone around the world. The goal of ISJ is to encourage education and research through the spirit of writing and sharing ideas and knowledge. In the long-term, ISJ is aimed to be indexed by highly reputable institutions, such as Scopus and ISI Web of Knowledge.

What is Indonesian Scholars Journal?

ISJ is a collection of Indonesian students’ scientific articles that are gathered either through (1) proceedings of the conferences held by the Indonesian students associations (PPIs) in every country or (2) the call for paper announcement through online and other publication format(s). This journal covers all areas studied by Indonesian students and is written exclusively in English. The committee of ISJ consists of members of PPIs around the world. The team of reviewers comprising entities from foreign and domestic universities and institutions scrutinizes all articles published in ISJ. Moreover, this journal is supported by The International Association of Indonesian Scientists (Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional – I4), The Indonesian Scientists and Technologists Society (Masyarakat Ilmuwan dan Teknolog Indonesia – MITI), and the radio of Indonesian students associations (Radio PPI dunia) around the world. Furthermore, in the near future we would like to broaden our partnership with this following institutions: The General Directorate of Higher Education (Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi), The Ministry of Research and Technology (Kementerian Riset dan Teknologi) dan The Agency for Technology Assesment and Application (Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi).

How to Participate?

You can participate in ISJ either as a reviewerauthorstaff, or user*. To become a reviewer, please ensure that you have the sufficient academic background and experience relevant to the process of paper publication, and kindly register through the registration form. For those interested in becoming an author, you could submit your scientific article through the submission form, please ensure that it complies with the submission guidelines. For those having a passion to become a committee member, please select the desired position(s) and kindly register through the recruitment form. Finally, for those interested in accessing and reading the articles, you could register as a user by making an account in this website and logging in afterwards.

Indonesian Scholars Journal is now calling for papers to be published in 2nd Edition. The deadline for submission is 31 January 2014. Click here to submit a paper.

Runned by: OISAA (Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance)

Supported by:

  • MITI (Masyarakat Ilmuwan dan Teknolog Indonesia)
  • I4 (Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional)



  1. ISJournal Volume 1 No 1 August 2013 (Download)

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