Indonesian Universities

Indonesian Universities

Lists of and links to the government as well as private universities in Indonesia can be found in the links below:

  • Indonesian Universities Database: To access the database, please follow these steps:
    • Once the page is loaded, click on ‘PENCARIAN DATA’ which is located at the right top corner of the page. See Figure 1.

    PDPT-step 1Figure 1

    • A drop-down list will appear, as shown in Figure 2. Then, select ‘DATA PERGURUAN TINGGI’.

    PDPT-step 2Figure 2

    • A new page, as seen in Figure 3, will be loaded. Click on ‘Cari Perguruan Tinggi’.

    PDPT-step 3Figure 3

    • The list of the Indonesian universities will appear. The page will look like the one seen in Figure 4. To load the intended university data, click on the university name listed in ‘Nama PT’ column (the third column from left).

    PDPT-listFigure 4

  • According to Wikipedia:
  • Alternative link :

Indonesian Universities International Offices

The list of International Offices of these universities is available here.

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