[Ended] ISIC 2015 (2 – 4 October 2015)

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Departing from the concerns towards the challenge and opportunities of Indonesia, Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) which initially known as Indonesian Students International Scientific Meeting or Temu Ilmiah Internasional Mahasiswa Indonesia (TIIMI) is being held annually since 2001. This event administers by Indonesian students who have the opportunities to study abroad.

The main aim of ISIC event is to provide an extended room for Indonesian students in presenting their ideas for resolving the challenges and promoting innovations. In the last 14 years, ISIC has strengthened its role in those areas and will continue to commit in encouraging Indonesian scholars’ voices.

In 2013, the team has received 875 paper abstract submission and selected 30 research papers to be presented in the event and bundled as a collaborative research book. While in 2014, 367 paper abstracts has been received, and 25 was being selected.

The decreasing paper abstracts being received by the team is mainly due to more restricted regulation governed by the ISIC committee. ISIC 2015 will continue this policy so that the abstracts being accepted will be more qualified.

ISIC 2015 will continue the main events being held last year and preserve our commitment to support the academic environment in the whole events. This year the committee has promoted a new stream of activities called Indonesian Scholars Forum (ISF) which gather expertise in various fields and Indonesian student in one place. The forum will be the place to exchange knowledge and ideas in proposing alternatives solutions for Indonesia issues. The ISIC 2015 committees are committed to manage the event to be more successful than the previous years, yet also able to provide qualified outputs in regard with our theme and goals.


Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) latest research projected Indonesia economy will be larger than the UK and France by 2030 and become 4th largest economy in the world by 2050 with average annual GDP growth of 4.3%1. The fast educational and infrastructure growth performance in Indonesia will support those aims and place Indonesia as one of Asian strongest country. These findings is similar to McKinsey Global Institute prediction which placed Indonesia as the 7th largest economy in the world by 20302.

In this recent years, however, Indonesia economy has been struggled to overcome the slowdown growth and the risk of falling into the middle-income trap. Income per capita in 2014, which ranged in USD1,810.31, is still a long way to breaking the high-level income country with the threshold at USD12,616. World Bank economist accentuated that the government has to tackle the soaring domestic consumption level and fold the effort of maintaining the growth into raising the quality of export and infrastructure that in line with human resources capacity development.

The challenge is being sharpened by the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in December 2015. Indonesia has to cope with the changes of open market access era and be ready in competing the neighboring countries. The new elected government has already come up with several strategic policies to regain the country competitiveness so that Indonesia will be able to unleash its full potential and gain the momentum to continue the growth.

Along with the ongoing development process run by the Indonesia government, ISIC 2015 will undertake the complement part in providing alternatives ideas and solutions. Based on those considerations, this year ISIC’ theme is Implementing Sustainable Development Concept in Indonesia: Assessing and Advancing Innovative Solutions and Strategies. The event will gather numerous expertise from various fields to exchange ideas with Indonesian scholars in the area of poverty eradication, food security, nutrition and agriculture, water and sanitation, inclusive economic growth, sustainable energy, tourism, telecommunication and transport, cities and human settlements, health and population, education system, climate change and disaster risk reduction and biodiversity.

Nevertheless, the inputs provided by the ISIC conference and forum may not deliver an immediate impacts, yet we believe that the events will encourage Indonesian students to make positive contributions. We believe that the success of Indonesia development lies in the hands of its people and we, as the people, are ready to be part of the change.

Event Description


Implementing Sustainable Development Concept in Indonesia: Assessing and Advancing Innovative Solutions and Strategies

Main goals:

  1. Bring Indonesia students and expertise from various background to share knowledge and ideas about the current issues being faced by Indonesia and proposing solutions for future development.
  2. Empowering the youth to take part in developing Indonesia and provide Indonesian scholars the opportunities to present their research in International scale conference.
  3. Introducing Indonesia’s diversified culture to the international world.

Main outputs :

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Photo compilation book
  • Compilation of Ideas from Indonesian Scholars Forum



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