The Pride of Indonesia

There is a good reason to be proud for being Indonesian at this year’s graduation day at Cranfield University. Adhy Panjuniaga Basmoro and Luluk Lusiantoro both won distinctive awards for their academic achievements.

IMG_3319Adhy won the Course Director’s prize for the best thesis in MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management. His thesis was sponsored by Rexam, a UK-based beverage cans manufacturer, to develop a production planning tool which can be used to plan the can production and distribution to their customers, e.g. Coca Cola Enterprises. The planning tool incorporates linear programming techniques to tackle production planning issues that subsequently contribute to the reduction of production costs (including the so called cost-to-serve). The tool enables production planners to reduce the total cost-to-serve by more optimally managing stock and distribution than ever before. This tool also makes the planning process faster than the traditional, manual calculation.


Luluk won a prize from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK (CILT UK) for his thesis in Blood Supply Chain sponsored by the UK National Health Services Blood & Transplant (NHSBT). The project aims to identify the ideal stock levels of the red blood cells of all blood groups in the blood centres across England and North Wales. The thesis identified the ideal stock levels that minimises the wastage due to expiry. Descriptive statistics are used to analyse the current demand, stock levels, and wastage both in the blood centres and the associated hospitals. Using a simple linear regression, the expected wastage can be predicted for the blood groups which have strong and positive correlation between the average stock level and wastage.

Well done Adhy and Luluk!



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