[Closed] Talents for GCN 2015 “A Voyage through Indonesia” (Registration Deadline 23 April 2015)

Call for Participation GCN 2015Current developments in technology and economic trends, such as the advent of AEC, are leading towards a global economy. Solely relying on our cultural inheritance is no longer sufficient to allow us to compete globally. In order to be able to participate in the global market, we must reinvent our culture and redefine ourselves as a nation of flexible citizens open to new ideas.

In contrast to viewing our culture as something that must be preserved at all costs, we must enable our culture to expand and rediscover itself creatively, to create new meanings relevant to today’s habits, customs, and advancements in technology. It is essential for the Indonesian Students Association in the United Kingdom (PPI UK) to see these global changes as an opportunity to develop a platform that not only promotes Indonesian culture but also encourages initiatives to reinvent it creatively.

Through this cultural event we aim to develop a sustainable discourse on creativity, local values and redefinition of Indonesian culture to foster international connections. This year, there will be fashion show of cultural Indonesian traditional fashions, Indonesian traditional dances, Indonesian traditional musics and Indonesian traditional games. All of it will be perfomed in the event for three hours.

About GCN 2015

Entiled “A Voyage through Indonesia”, GCN 2015 will promise an exciting twist in its delivery. Referring to the theme, all audiences will be taken by some key players who take a journey from one island to another referring indonesian folktales and dances from the six main island in Indonesia (Sumatra, Jawa, Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi and Bali)

Call for performers!

We are sharing the excitement to all Indonesian and International artist around Great Britain by offering a chance for you to showcase your talent in dancing, music arrangement and etc. Details will be breakdown into 3 different sections, which are;

  1. Mandatory Performance (Role Play and Dances)
  • Role-play
    Since the event rundown of GCN 2015 will be presented in a role-play, the committee invites 4-6 people who love to act to help us make GCN more alive. It will include 3 gentlemen, 2 ladies and 1 Narrator. Their job is to bring audience to a joyful journey from West to East.
  • Dances
    GCN team invites every PPI-UK representatives or individual to perform a traditional dance. The dances will be part of the role-play to show the richness of Indonesia.

The following are references in which other dances outside the list will also be considered. We encourage future participants to perform any traditional dance from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java, Bali or Papua.

  1. Sumatera
    ▪ Saman (min 10 people, max 15 people)
    ▪ Tor-tor (max 6 people)▪ Piring (max 6-10 people)
  2. Sulawesi
    ▪ Marendeng Marampah (max 7 people)
    ▪ Si Patokaan (5-7 people)
  3. Kalimantan
    ▪ Dayak (max 8 people)
    ▪ Enggang (max 8 people)
  4. Papua
    ▪ Sajojo (max 15 people)
    ▪ Yamko Rambe Yamko (max 12 people)
  5. Jawa
    ▪ Srimpi (3-7 people)
    ▪ Jaipong (3-7 people)
  6. Bali
    ▪ Pendet (max 8 people)
    ▪ Kecak (max 15 people)

Note: Dances above are only references. Other traditional dances are encouraged.

  1. Open/Free Performance

GCN team invites all Musicians who are interested in presenting a brand new traditional music arrangement or play Indonesian traditional music instruments.

Our requirements;
(a) Folk song arrangement
(b) Nationalism arrangement song
(c) Any music creativity according to the theme
(d) Angklung Team(max 12 people)
(e) Gamelan Team

  1. Fashion Show

For the finale, we would like to invite not only Indonesians but also other nationalities to present traditional clothes from different part of Indonesia. There will be 20 traditional clothes which each requires 20 males and 20 females to wear and showcase it on stage.

~ Performers are required to record their performance or live performance in SKYPE as our consideration and decision. ~

– No age or status restricted.
– Dance communities are permitted to join
– Equipment (Custom and tools) is provided by the performers. (Except for fashion show)
– Committee will cover all return transportation cost for all performers to London in Gala Cultural Night event.

Timeline Open Recruitment (OPREC)
1) OPREC will be start on 23 March – 23 April
2) Decision for performer on 15 April – 28 April
3) Performer announcement on 4 May

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