[Ended] ISIC 2014 (25 – 26 October 2014)

Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) is the longest-running annual conference about Indonesia in the UK. It is organised by the Indonesian Students Association in the UK (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di United Kingdom – PPI UK). With 13 years of experience and a record of up to 800 paper submissions from Indonesian scholars around the world each year, it is our aim for ISIC to continue to thrive as a platform for Indonesian scholars to share their knowledge and to contribute towards the future of Indonesia.

This year our ISIC 2014 team aims to provide an even more successful event for everyone to participate in. Continuing the format from last year, the Academic Conference will also be accompanied by a Debating Competition and Gala Cultural Night with the aim of reaching a wider audience. We hope that you can join us on this exciting journey.

ISIC 2014

  1. TIIMI (Temu Ilmiah Internasional Mahasiswa Indonesia)

The Academic Conference will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas between Indonesian scholars around the world, policy makers, professionals and the general public through open discussions. This will also provide an opportunity for participants to expand their networks with people from various backgrounds.

We will collaborate with the International Association of Indonesian Scientists/ Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional (I4) and Indonesian Scholar in the UK to arrange double blind peer review of all the papers received. This will ensure the quality of the papers to be published in the conference proceedings.


  • H. E. Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda ( Former Foreign Minister of Republic Indonesia 2001-2009)
  • The Hon Alexander Downer ( Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom ; Former Foreign Minister 1996 – 2007)
  • H. E. Stephen Lillie ( Former British Ambassador to the Philippines)
  • Dr. Suriel Mofu ( Rector of State University of Papua, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Ikrar Nusa Bhakti ( Research Professor at Political Research Centre (LIPI), Indonesia)
  • Dr. Perry Warjiyo ( Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia )-
  • Dr. Dessy Irawaty, FerSa ( President of International Association of Indonesian Scientists /Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional (I4) )
  • Yuliandre Darwis, M.Mass.Comm., Ph.D ( Lecturer in Communication Studies Andalas University, Indonesia )

ISIC 2014-update

  1. The Gala Cultural Night

Through this cultural event we aim to develop a sustainable discourse on creativity, local values and redefinition of Indonesian culture to foster international connections.

Special performances

  • Maudy Ayunda ( Indonesian Singer )
  • PPI Sheffield Angklung Group
  • Sinta Tantra Exhibition ( British Artist of Balinese Descent )
  • Wayang Delicia Workshop

Indonesian traditional folk dance and many more

Event times

  • Art Exhibition: 10.00 – 17.00
  • Gala Cultural Night Performances: 19.30 – 21.30

Tickets can be bought here.


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