[Closed] BINUS University Short Course “Emergent Indonesia 2014” (Registration Deadline 30 June 2014)

Binus Short Course-Emerging Indonesia 2014

Program Highlights

  • Learn Indonesian language for everyday use while experiencing thriving Jakarta!
  • Appreciate the art, history, culture and of course, FOOD of Indonesia!
  • Wide variety of hot electives preparing you for exciting opportunities in Indonesia!

Why You Should Join

  • Indonesia has a growing and vibrant economy with annual GDP growth of over 6% almost every year since 2007. With investments pouring in, we aim to be one of the leading economies in the world.
  • Rich in biodiversity, the archipelago of over 18,000 islands is the home to over 240 million people of multiple races, cultures and historical roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and European influence.
  • Entrepreneurial, creative, resilient, joyful and young, Indonesians have a way of winning the world over. We are engaging the world in business, culture, learning, and innovation. It is time you get to know us!

General Requirements

  • International students currently enrolled at a university.
  • Able to communicate in English. For students from non-English speaking countries, please provide evidence of English proficiency such as TOEFL score of 500 min, or similar to this.

How to Apply

  • Download and complete the Application Form.
  • Submit the Application Form with all documents required via email to , also complete the full payment by 30 June 2014.

The Short Course details can be seen here.



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