Volunteering for Indonesia (13 June 2014)

Volunteering Indonesia 2014

Indonesian Student Association United Kingdom, Indonesian Student Association Birmigham and the Indonesian Society University of Birmingham invite you to come and join us in Volunteering for Indonesia. Be a volunteer in a day and cherish the memories in a lifetime.

“Volunteering for Indonesia” is originally created through the collaboration of Indonesian Student Organization in the United Kingdom particularly in Birmingham and within its University. The event involves Indonesian as well as foreign students across the UK to able to participate in one day volunteering activity. The outcome of this program is to make Indonesian students in the UK to be aware and concern towards social issues in the education sector.

Purpose of the Volunteering for Indonesia:

  • To be a reminder of the Millennium Development Goals in education area which has not been achieved.
  • To provide insights regarding the education life outside Indonesia so that Indonesian kids can achieve the highest goal in their life.
  • To build a sense of responsibility among students and societies in the UK towards the education in Indonesia.

Keynote Speaker

Inspiring speaker from Brian Lucas (Manager GSDRC) about voluntary activities. Discuss how we can share our ideas and gather our dreams for a better world.

Generally, all of Indonesian students in the UK with the participation of the international students, will be invited to contribute in the voluntary activities:

  1. The Construction of Education Supports Tool

The Construction of The supports tool or props. It is some kind of cards that contain general knowledge surrounding Indonesia such as national/local heroes or some professions in Indonesia. Furthermore, the completed props will then also be used for introducing Indonesian language particularly to those who are still illiterate or unable to read well in the remote area of Indonesia.

  1. The Video of Inspiration

Every students and society in the events will be asked to participate in a video recording action. In this occasion, the participant will give some motivations to the students in Indonesia about dreams, aspiration, goals, studying method and spirit to achieve something, positive thinking, and determination. Likewise, the video will also address the teachers to learn more about teaching process, dedication, self-development and values that must be developed by the students. At the end of this event, the video will be compiled and published by the category e.g. for teachers, for students.

  1. 1 Pound 1 Postcard

The Volunteer will write a message in a postcard for students in the primary school in Indonesia. In 1 pound postcard, you can share your happiness, stories, ideas, dreams, and good news for them. The postcard will be delivered to elementary school students across Indonesia. The sales of these postcards will be used to aid the operational cost and project establishment in the social sector within Indonesia. Please visit 1 Pound 1 Postcard Facebook Fan page to support this campaign.

  1. Photo Booth

You can wear Indonesian traditional dress and take a picture to cherish this beautiful memories.

  1. Culture show

Enjoy Indonesian traditional dance and acoustic. This section will showcase several unique Indonesian culture festivals and also a video about Indonesia.

  1. Traditional Food Bazar

Delicious Indonesian traditional foods are available in our bazar.

If you’d like to join our voluntary activities, Please reserve and fill your information on the following link,

Facebook event page:

Free photo voucher for the first 50!



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